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Cryoelectron Microscopy of Macromolecular Assemblies

Graduate Course offered for the 10th year at NYSBC - Fall 2014

Featuring a new format with computer lab sessions every week.

Lectures on Tuesdays 4-6 pm Laboratory sessions on Thursdays 4 pm.

All components will be held on the premises of the New York Structural Biology Center. Laptops required for the computer labs.

The New York Structural Biology Center is located on the south campus of City College
89 Convent Ave at 133rd St in Manhattan
A,C,B,D trains to 125th St or 1 train to 137th St

Course Director: David Stokes 212-263-1580

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Cryo electron microscopy in combination with image analysis is increasingly powerful in producing 3D structures of individual molecules and large macromolecular complexes that are unapproachable by other methods.

This comprehensive course will cover the theory and practice of solving molecular structures by electron microscopy. We will start with optics, sample preparation and a basic mathematical description of diffraction before moving into a detailed exploration of the three main methods of structure determination: tomography, single particle analysis, and 2D crystallography. We will end with a discussion of map interpretation and molecular fitting. Two weeks are devoted to practical sessions giving students hands-on experience with a variety of software packages for image reconstruction.

Students and postdocs from all NYC institutions are encouraged to attend
Attendance to the practical sessions may be limited and preference will be given to students enrolled for credit

Textbooks relevant for the course are

  • "Three Dimensional Electron Microscopy of Macromolecular Assemblies" by Joachim Frank
  • "Electron Crystallography of Biological Macromolecules" by Glaeser, Downing, DeRosier, Chiu

Registration Information

Please notify the course director (David Stokes) of your intention of taking the course.

For graduate students wishing to take the course for credit:

This course will be listed in the catalogue of the New York University School of Medicine.

It is listed as BMSC-GA 4408 - Cryoelectron Microscopy of of Macromolecular Assemblies.
4 credits for the lecture/discussion/practical sessions

  • NYU students should enroll through the Sackler Inst.
  • Mt. Sinai students should enroll through NYU GSAS using the above course information.
  • Albert Einstein College of Med students should contact Hernando Sosa or Todd Evans.
  • Rockefeller University students should contact Seth Darst or Sid Strickland.
  • Students from Weill Medical College of Cornell Univ and Memorial Sloan Kettering should contact Denise Jenkins or Chris Lima
  • Students from Wadsworth or SUNY Albany should contact Carmen Mannella.
  • Students from Columbia or CUNY can enroll through the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium
  • Other students should contact the Dean of Graduate Studies or your institutional representative on the NYSBC CryoEM Operations Committee to learn about procedures for taking this course for credit.


Intro to EM Optics, image formation and Diffraction - Sept 23 - David Stokes (NYU/NYSBC)

Fourier transforms, CTF, cross-correlation - Sept 30 - Bill Rice (NYSBC)

Electron Tomography I - Oct 7 - David Stokes (NYU/NYSBC)

Electron Tomography II - Oct 14 - David Stokes (NYU/NYSBC)

Single Particle Analysis I - Oct 21 - Joachim Frank (Columbia University)

Single Particle Analysis II - Oct 28 - Joachim Frank (Columbia University)

Single Particle Analysis III - Nov 4 - Joachim Frank (Columbia University)

Electron Crystallography I - Nov 11 - Iban Ubarretxena (Mt. Sinai)

Electron Crystallography II - Nov 18 - Iban Ubarretxena (Mt. Sinai)

Helical reconstruction - Dec 2 - Hernando Sosa (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)

Structure Validation & Fitting Atomic Models - Dec 9 - TBA

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