The goal of the NYSBC Cryo-electron microscopy (CEM) facility is to help researchers elucidate the intermolecular interactions and domain architectures of macromolecules within their native cellular assemblies. Towards this goal, the facility has brought together a combination of instrumentation and staff expertise that supports the determination three-dimensional structures. The NYSBC is also a member of TEMIMPS, the Transcontinental EM Initiative for Membrane Protein Structure.

New Users



  • 1x 80/120kV TEM - W filament
  • 2x 200kV TEMs - FEG
  • 1x 300kV TEM - FEG
  • 1x Dual-beam SEM - FIB/FESEM


Quorum Cryostage

Quorum Stage

We have installed a column-mounted, gas-cooled cryo-preparation system from Quorum Technologies on our dual beam SEM.

CEM Events

8/28/2014: Special Seminar
Event: Initial steps of cyoEM image processing and their implementation in XMIPP/Scipion
Jose-Maria Carazo and Jose-Miguel de la Rosa, Instruct Image Processing Center, Madrid
Location: NYSBC, Room A11.
Time: Thursday at 5:00 pm
All are welcome to attend.

8/22/2014: CEM User meeting and Annual BBQ
Event: CEM user meeting
Location: NYSBC, Room A-11
Time: Friday, August 22, 2014 at 4:00pm
Note: All active users expected to attend.

Event: CEM Annual BBQ
Location: BBQ pits at St. Nicholas Park (below 130th St. near the tennis courts and playground), about a 5 minute walk from NYSBC.
Time: Friday, August 22, 2014 after the CEM User meeting
Note: All users and NYSBC members are welcome, please pass along. RSVP .
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