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About the EM Facility

We help researchers elucidate the intermolecular interactions and domain architectures of macromolecules within their native cellular assemblies. Our advanced instrumentation and staff expertise support the determination of protein structures by single-particle reconstruction and 2-D crystallography, and organelles and tissues by tomography and FIB/SEM.

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Wednesday 3/18 Ben Bammes

Friday 4/24 Marcus Brubaker


The EMG area is currently undergoing construction. Before scheduling equipment or microscope time please email Bill or Ed for availability.

cryoem electron microscopes

State-of-the-art Microscopes

  • 300 kV microscope
  • Two 200 kV microscopes
  • 120 kV microscope with robot for automatic loading of specimens
  • Dual beam Scanning FIB/SEM microscope capable of large scale serial reconstructions


  • Single particle reconstruction
  • Electron tomography
  • Helical reconstruction
  • 2-D crystallography (membrane proteins)